Design Dilemma : Renting

by Kelly on August 26, 2011

So many dilemmas!  This week the dilemma comes from a YB&D gal who is feeling slightly restricted when it comes to decorating her studio apartment.  Why, you ask? Because she is a renter!  I think we can all relate!

“My greatest design dilemma is how to decorate my north wall [headboard wall].  As a renter, I’m trying to avoid creating holes in the wall.  Any ideas of how I can fill this space while causing minimal surface damage?”

In a perfect world and in a perfect space, I would love to see the bed centered on the wall.  I love balance.  But, as we all know, things are never perfect.  So, I tried come up with a few easy solutions to create balance using art while taking into consideration that our gal did not want to nail into the walls!

Solution #1:  Making fabric panels to create a feature wall.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Take standard blank canvases which can be bought at any local art supply store…

2.  hit up some discount fabric stores and select fabrics that you like.  The fabrics can be a couple of different patterns but should work together color wise.  Grab a couple of yards each and you can disperse the different patterns between the canvases.

3.  Wrap the fabric around the canvas and staple at the back.

4.  The canvases should come with a wire for hanging.  Use 3M picture hangers which won’t cause any damage to the walls.  Removable!

Solution #2:  Lean 3 large art or photograph canvases against the wall.  No holes required!

Can’t afford to buy art?  Make it yourself!   I love using one idea either in paint or in picture format that extends across all three canvases.  One image that comes together when the three are placed next to each other rather than three separate pieces of art.  Good luck!

Have a design dilemma?  The service is free!  For more information, check out the Design Dilemma section of the website.  Tell your friends.  And send me those room pics!

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